Sunday, July 18, 2010


Okay then, are you ready for a completely random silly post? Sorry if you're not because that's what's going down right now. Too much time to think I suppose.
I have been busy working on the quilt, of course, since time is winding down on when it needs to be done. What I ended up doing is hand stitching the borders with transparent thread -tricky stuff! It's like really fine fishing line and gets easily tangled. But, I really like the overall look of it, so that's the important part. I am in the process of seam ripping the larger squares, taking out the multicolored thread there. Maybe, maybe I'll start the binding today. We'll see.

I realized that I never said anything about how I liked the movie Eclipse! I really liked it. The ladies and I all went to see it on July 3rd. We were expecting a sold out theater like it was last time for New Moon, but oh yeah! Holiday weekend - duh. I really liked the flashbacks which stayed in line pretty much with the book. Only thing I didn't appreciate was the ring. Sorry but I thought it was awful. I was picturing something really antique-y looking and what it was didn't look older to me, more mod. I could be wrong but that was my impression. And, I liked that Jasper had more of a southern accent this time!

So, one way that you can tell that God is "talking" to you is not so much that you hear an audible voice, although there might be people that do experience that, but more of a recurring theme. Mine is memorizing scripture. For me, I'd say in the last couple years at least that has been my recurring theme. First, on the Living Proof blog of Beth Moore's she had the year of memorizing scripture. I didn't quite finish. Then, it popped up in a bible study. Then, popped up again at book club. I have always started and memorized a couple of then and then sort of petered out. So, last week I went to church after about a month long oversleeping hiatus. Guess what the pastor has started??? Memory verses! lol, seriously. A long time ago when I first became a Christian I told God he would need to be really obvious with me when he wanted me to do something because I'm not very good at picking up hidden you think he's being clear enough?

Oh! I found the cutest pattern for my dolls this past week - best part is that it was on sale at Joann's for $1.99! Ya-hoo. So, ya I know I don't have a Blythe but I do have my big head dolls to dress and they are in need of some new clothes! Mmmmm, right - if you've just recently started reading my blog you might want to know that I have a couple of dolls that I like to make clothes for. They hang out in the craft house with me. Their names are Marisol and Vanessa. And I would really love to buy a Blythe doll but still have not justified the expenditure to myself. Nuff said, I have dolls.

Speaking of Joann's and sales: check it! They had some fabric on sale for 90% off dude! So, I had to buy some even though really I have no real idea what I'm going to do with it yet. I bought two different stripy fabrics for .59 a yard, a green solid for .99 cents a yard and some black kind of eyelet for $1.29 a yard!

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