Sunday, July 11, 2010

Glitter is goooood

I just happened to be in Goodwill yesterday, and it's a durn good thing too! If I hadn't been I would have missed out on this cool loot! The jars of glitter are actually glass! There are two pinks and one gold, which is awesome because believe it or not, I only have one shade of pink glitter!!! Shocking. I know. And, really who can pass up sequins??? Seriously. Well, I was actually quite reserved, I left like 3 or 4 packages of regular round sequins. I may regret that decision later when I'm actually crafting with sequins, but for the now I'm trying to not buy things just because. Love the teeny little sequin pins! I have a couple projects in mind right now, and those will come in handy.

Speaking of other projects, I'm in a holding pattern right now until I finish the quilt I've been working on. I know I mentioned before it is going to be a gift and so therefore it is on a time limit. So, must finish it first. BTW since I mentioned the quilt, I'm in the quilting stage. Frankly this is my least favorite part of the whole process. And, I might not like the outcome of this one! I thought it might look cute to use a multicolored thread for the quilting. The top is decent but I'm not loving the back. I am hoping that the finished product will just blend and maybe it won't be too awful.

And, I've been thinking of what in the world kind of square am I going to choose for the quilting bee when it's my turn to choose?!? I have a couple of ideas and the thing is I don't want to pick something that the other ladies are going to be like "lame" or have done a million times. I'm thinking of a neighborhood type quilt, a la "the burbs quilt" from the book Material Obsession. However, I'm not sure how to get instructions to everyone? There are free tutorials for the wonky houses, just not the dolls. And, I was thinking I'd want some dude dolls too and maybe even trees. So, possibly this will not be the pattern for the bee. Unless I just asked for wonky houses and then I would make the people? It's a possibility.
The other pattern I was thinking would just be a simple nine patch and then I would cut it up to be a disappearing 9 patch. Not sure that will work to my liking though because I'd need to add a solid to give it some continuity. Not out of the running though as I can mail everyone a color to do one of the corner patches.
Then, the last thing I was thinking was a non wonky log cabin with an embroidered woodland creature in the center, like this one. But, I know how busy all these ladies are and I don't want to ask too much to have them embroider an animal to the center. The controlling side of me thought I could do all the embroidered squares and mail them out, but then I came to my senses - what fun would that be? I think it would be better to give all the ladies a chance to embroider or not....they could always leave the middle square blank white and then I could finish it up?

I just have to say, thanks for letting me ramble on about boring quilt stuff! I don't blame you if you didn't even read any of that! I might not have :) all those words, words, words! But, if perchance you did read it all and have an opinion on what type of block, drop me a line :)

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roseylittlethings said...

i like the log cabin with the creatures., sooo cute