Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A finish and a beginning

The big finish is my quilt! Ya-hoooo! Second quilt down, so many more I want to make! I finished it on Sunday, so relieved. The best news is that it's three weeks early for delivery :) Here's a view of the front. So, I set the 10 second timer on my camera and then ran, picked it up and held it for the camera - I got more of the room, my sewing machine, lamp and June than the quilt. But, it gives you an idea of the size.
quilt front

And a view of the back:
quilt back
So I used transparent thread for the border stitching because I couldn't decide on a color that would not make me crazy. Basically I just "freehand" stitched wavy lines with flowers in the corners. I did stitch around the appliqued flowers from the front to add more stitching and batting stability. Did I mention that my inspiration for the quilt was the "Cherries and Blossoms" table runner from the Moda Bake Shop? If not I want to make sure I put that out there. Of course I used my own stash because that's just what I do.
stitch detail
All finished and ready to go in the suitcase for delivery :)
folded quilt
I had such a feeling of elation when I finished it, and excitement for what I want to start next - which is???? I don't even know because there are so many options!

So last night was book club and we finished up the book "A Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers. And now we are beginning the second book in the series "An Echo in the Darkness." I must confess that I had already skimmed through the book in the library so I could figure out what happens. It's on the same level as reading the ending first (which I do) I think. I've also skimmed the third and I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy it quite as much as the first two. It was a little like -muh- and the others practically read themselves. So I was late to spin class tonight because I started reading the 2nd book after work and just kept reading and reading until I finally realized I either need to leave for class or just poop out and read all night! Um, then I realized that I've been on a rather stubborn weight loss plateau lately and better hoof it to class! So I did that.


Evelyn said...

It looks fantastic! Congrats on the finish - I know exactly how that feels! I love your self-timed picture too. Cute!

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