Friday, July 2, 2010

Just so you know....

I am totally cracking up at myself right now! I was going to do a "Top 10" list about what I wanted to accomplish this weekend - then came back down to Earth and the fact that I'm not sure I'll get 10 things done! LOL! (sorry for those of you who don't like the lol thing but seriously that's what I'm doing right now :)

Okay, so Top 5? That sounds more like my speed right now!

5. Sew together the back of the quilt after the fabric is washed. I just had to sketch out what I
want it to look like yesterday at work, with highlighters, because frankly sometimes you just
have to. I might, maybe even get the quilt sandwich done??? not going to promise that but
I'm sure I'll at least get it started but not maybe completely quilted.
4. Make some triangle corner book marks - I totally kiped the idea from the Pastor's wife! - is
is that even right??? I'm pretty sure she won't mind, though :)
3. Read a book whilst laying in the hammock - oooooh yeah! I am going to try and pick one that
will not make me cry!
2. Maybe take a nap????
1. Go see ECLIPSE tomorrow with the ladies!!!!!! Ya-hoo, can't wait for that! So, we've had
tickets for like at least 2 weeks now, eeek! Jan raced out and bought them for all of us as soon
as movie times were available. I've heard from other people that it is the best one yet and
we'll love it - I'll let you know!

That's what I'm up to - how about you??? Hopefully whatever it is will be relaxing, fun and safe!

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