Saturday, July 24, 2010


I am so embarrassed right now I can barely stand myself. eewww. So the next door neighbors moved out a few weeks ago, and the house has been empty. And it's been so quiet and nice and dark. They always had their porch light on (always) and it would shine right into my bedroom. So, today I'm sitting there on the couch with June watching "The Princess Bride" and hand stitching the binding on the quilt. Nice and relaxing. Then I hear like at least 2 or 3 cars in the drive way. New neighbors moving in. hmmmm.
The thing is, there is a driveway and half of it is mine the other half is that house's. There is a distinctive break in the pavement. I have lived in this house over a year and I have only parked in that driveway like 3 times. Once when Jeannette came to visit and the other when my Mom did and also on a random lunch break. Because the other neighbors always parked there and I think they also didn't have jobs so they were always home. Fast forward to today and I started to panic a little bit because even though I really prefer to park on the street in the shade I like having my side open. What's a girl to do? Well, if you want to make a good impression on new neighbors - don't do what I did! I marched right over and said that side is mine and it's fine to use it today but the other neighbors used it like it was theirs and....and...and...and like halfway through I realized that I was being totally rude, un-neighborly, unwelcoming, ugh! There's no coming back from the point of no return rudeness. Seriously, ugh!!!! Now I must lay low and stay out of sight. Or maybe just leave for the rest of the afternoon?
The only good news is that I'm almost done with the quilt!