Monday, May 3, 2010


I had an idea - and maybe the other ladies in the quilting bee have thought of the same thing? I've started a sampler quilt! For the last 2 quilt months I made a second square for myself. My goal is to have one of each of the squares by the end of the year and then will put them all together! Sounds fun, yeah? I'm thinking I will border them all with white. I think it will be super fun by the end and a good way to remember the experience - sort of like a scapbook :)

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Evelyn said...

I thought about doing the sampler thing too, but I'm having a hard enough time just keeping up with the blocks to send out. :-)

I loved the string block from the first month (because it's so good at using up scraps, which I have a TON of), so I've started making a bunch more of those blocks for another quilt. It's a good one to just work on when I have some spare time (ha!).