Saturday, May 15, 2010


First off I sent out my squares for May for the Vintage Sheet Quilting Bee to Amanda of Little Cumulus. These were super easy breezy so I ended up doing two. Amanda put up a tutorial on her blog to help us out, and I'm glad she did! Even though these were easy it's nice to be show how to get started. She wanted bright colors and something to make the plus sign "pop". While looking through my stash I've realized that I don't have very many solid bright colors, so this was what I came up with. I hope she likes them!
May Bee block
Umm, okay this one was my attempt at wonkiness. I've seen wonky stuff everywhere but I don't know if it's in me to be wonky?
May Bee blockAnd, now a little inspiration:

I receive a catalog called Victorian Trading Company, which I LOVE. Of course, I have not ever ordered anything from said catalog, I just mainly drool all over it! And look for things I might be able to reproduce. Ahhhh, I turned the page the day I rec'd this one and lo and behold say this "bird's nest jewelry" and thought - I can do that! For a lot less than $99.95 plus s&h too! Here's my version:
I added the little charm plate thing - it was the only thing I could find at Michaels that was a little bird. It's kind of hard to make out the bird on there, but it's like a swallow. I may or may not add to it. I've worn it a couple of times already, I like it :)
birds nest necklace
So, here's a funny story: Yesterday my friend Brooke and I drove over to see her sister who just had surgery. While we were driving Brooke said there was going to be a Rummage sale at Roosevelt School. And I was like, oh where's that? She started cracking up and was like, you know the school a block away from your house! Heee, heee - whoops! In my defense I am not terribly attached to this house as I do not consider it my "real" house and I don't have kids so I don't know which schools are which. I just know that I need to drive reeeeeeallly slow by it :) That's the most important part, right??? lol anyways, all that to say that this is what I picked up today at the Roosevelt Rummage Sale:
light up Christmas tree
I must confess that I've seen a ton of them and have wanted one for-ever! It's actually not that big, which is pretty perfect to add to my village at Christmas time. Here it is all lit up. Best part? It was only .50 cents! And I walked there so technically got some exercise....
Oh, yeah? Did I mention that I won a $30 gift certificate to the scrapbook store at the crop last weekend? Well, I totally did so guess what I'm going to do now? spend it :)

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