Tuesday, May 4, 2010

crochet fun

Can I please tell you that I went to spin class tonight after taking like over a week off, and it felt so GOOD! I can tell the difference in my body with the weight loss as I'm spinning, I know that sounds funny, but good stuff.
And so I had a fun package waiting for me in the mailbox, which I love! I participated in a crocheted matroyska doll swap on Swap-bot. It was pretty fun, I like to crochet amigurumis so it was easy and fun to embellish the doll. So, here's what I sent out:
Crocheted matroyska dollIt took awhile to embroider all the felt flowers on her, and I put buttons in the middle of each flower. I am thinking now that I should have added some ribbon around her neck. I was on the fence about it while I was embellishing and I had the cutest embroidered ribbon, oh well. I couldn't just send a lonely doll so I added the hot chocolate and book marker :)
And this is what I received today! Isn't she cute? This one turned out a little bigger than mine, could be the yarn used?
Crochet MatroyskaAs soon as I opened the package I put her right in the kitchen with my other amis! She came all the way from Finland :)
Crochet Matroyska

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