Sunday, April 26, 2015

mellow weekend

Friday was Danielle in x-ray's last day.  She got her dream job in Portland  attacked by a velociraptor at the office.  LOL! 
I am really happy for her new opportunity but also sad to see her go.  She really helped a lot at the office and also has been a friend.  But!  I am more happy for her.  So, we had a little farewell dinner party Thursday, which was nice.  
This weekend was the scrapbook retreat.  It's twice a year but I haven't really gone in awhile and thought I'd go up for the day.  I know the camp caretaker and he said I should bring Rocky!  So, I did.  He did soooooo well. He was a perfect gentleman, mostly just chilled out as you see him here.  He did timidly go around to all the ladies to say hello and get head pets.  He was definitely ready to go by 9pm and I pushed it a bit because I really wanted to finish the April frame for the stitch along.
The lighting was really good in the lodge so I did a lot of stitching.  I didn't knit too much, just a few rounds.  I put in a progress marker at the beginning of the week so I could see how far I'd gotten.  I've only knit on breaks at work and then yesterday, and got about 1.5 inches all together.  
I also made a few goals in my smash book.  I am on ravelry and have a projects page there but I also wanted somewhere to make personal notes.  It's been good to write in each knitting project, when it was started, finished and notes along the way.  One gripe I have though is that locally I haven't found any knitting embellishments!  I'd like stickers or something to add in.  I found one at Michael's but it was in a set of "grandma" themed stickers.  So I have a feeling I need to do an online search.  Meh.

I have to say it was really nice to see the ladies I used to scrapbook regularly with.  My friend Connie also quilts so I also enjoy chatting about quilting with her.  It's lovely when you can chat about things in person with someone who gets what you're talking about!  That's part of why I started this blog, to connect with others doing similar crafts and things.  It's also sort of a journal.  But!  having someone in person to bounce ideas, excitement, patterns, color choices - all that - is so important.  Connie and I are also cooking up an idea to have a sewing/quilting retreat at the same campground.  She discussed it with the caretakers yesterday and they said it sounded cool!  We'd need to keep it kind of small but the space would be perfect.  Plus, someone cooking for us is pretty great! bahaha

Today Rocky, George and I are just chilling out.  It's a nice, warmish day so I have the back door open for Rocky to have some freedom and let in the bird chirping sounds.  

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