Sunday, April 12, 2015

fat camp and wips

So there's a wellness incentive program from the hospital I work for that we've been calling "fat camp".  Fat camp started this week for me.  We did a series of screening labs and entered in body measurements and answered health and lifestyle questions.  Then were sorted into two groups, green (fatties) and blue.  The green group, if they choose to, can participate in the program.  It's funny because my labs are better than my super svelte friends!  But, alas, my girth has landed me in the green (fatty) group.

The first appointment was with the doctor, going over health history.  Very easy for me as I really am healthy.  Second appointment was yesterday with the therapist.  That one was also easy for me because I know a lot of the whys of my obesity.  I know when I started gaining and I know why.  I've gained 40 lbs since Scott died.  I was overweight before that and now it's just too much.  So, I feel like I'm a pretty straightforward person, right?  It's really about motivation for me - I know what to do, its just the actual doing of it.

I really liked this therapist.  I feel like she 'got' me.  So, the homework she gave me makes total sense and is also really hard for me.  She said she wants me to work on my negative self talk.  Start to be aware of it and why and reprogram.  Huh.  Yep.

It's one of those things that I've heard before but maybe it wasn't the right time for me to really hear it.  I have noticed that I am pretty hard on myself. And my first reaction to difficult things is 'nope I can't do that' or 'I can't afford that'.  And, then lo and behold, I do figure things out.  On some things I see other people do things and think I can do that and then become determined to do whatever it is.  Like quilting or knitting two socks on one needle.

So we'll see what happens.  I'm pretty excited, actually, to have the help.

In other news, I've finished the March frame for the year long stitch along from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery .  It's Sherlock Holmes!  Which you know I love so I really took my time adding in extras that I felt reflected the stories, and the newer UK version of Sherlock.  There's an instagram community that has been super fun!  People have been adding their pictures to the pool with the hashtag #storytimesampler and I've gotten great ideas from there.  There are so many clever and talented stitchers out there!

 This week I'm going to try and knit a little more than I have been.  I've been knitting on breaks at work but that's pretty much it!  Here's an update of where I am currently:
I really like the stripes!  

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