Sunday, March 29, 2015

a little game of quilt back chicken

So you may or may not be familiar with the term "yarn chicken"? Well, this weekend I played a little game of fabric chicken!  With almost every tutorial, book, pattern, etc, for quilt instructions they will say to make the backing and batting about 3-4 inches bigger than the quilt top.  So I've done that with every other quilt I've made....and ended up with odd shaped scraps that I don't do anything with.  On this quilt I thought I'd try a closer back dimension to my front.  Yeah.  Don't do that!  

It was superbly frustrating to baste/pin this quilt!  I'd get it lined up and then the front would hang over on an edge....just to have to adjust again.  I use basting spray adhesive before I pin so this was super annoying!  Uggg, never again!  I will listen to the instructions.  So in the pictures below you can see how close the front is to the batting and the backing.  We're talking like not even 1/2 inch difference!
Here you can see the difference pretty well.

I'm putting this picture up for a couple reason.  One being that I love this backing fabric!  And the binding is super cute.  Aaaaand to show that nothing is perfect, see that little pucker?  yep, not perfect but I don't even care!  It will barely be noticeable once washed.    When I first started quilting I was very intimidated by other bloggers who churned out one perfect quilt after another.  My quilt backs were full of huge puckers and it has slowly improved but I've been quilting for like 5 years now....point being don't be discouraged!  It takes practice and really no one notices the flaws.

Here's another fabric chicken example - that's the selvedge in the corner there!  Ha.  But the binding is cute, yeah?
Here's a full frontal pic, lol!  I like it.  It's very cheery I think.
And the back.  I was going to just do the pink completely.  But then just couldn't!!!  I'm very pleased with the back so I'm glad I went with my gut.  The tan color is the cutest umbrella print!  I bought that and the pink at the quilt store last weekend.  I bought enough of each to do the back because I couldn't decide. If that umbrella print was yellow or blue it would have been perfect!  I know I'll use it in something else though and I'll be glad I have it :)
So there you go!  Rainy Day quilt finally finished!  Started February 2014 and finished today 3-19-15. yeah!  I love that I started this on a rainy day and finished on a beautiful sunny day :)

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