Sunday, March 8, 2015

Whovian bags

Have you ever been suddenly overtaken with the *need* to make something?  And not just like, oh at some point, some day, I'd like to make that something, but, like right then!?  Well that's what happened to me yesterday.  I went to zumba in the morning and afterwards was leisurely perusing facebook.  And that's when I saw on my news feed a Doctor Who knitting project bag at the Rose City Yarn Crawl in Portland, which is happening this weekend.  BAH!  Suddenly, I had to find Doctor Who fabric! And order some! and make a project bag! for my knitting!  I googled and found that my local Joann's store carries some Doctor fabric.  So, I immediately put Rocky in the car and zipped down and bought some.  Once I had safely acquired said fabric, Rocky and I went to Petco which is right next door.

I bought 3/4 yard of both prints they had and managed 3 project bags!!!   This first one s a drawstring bag, which I gave as a gift to a friend that I was meeting for dinner last night.  The lining is fun, it's a red backround with different London destinations in white.  The grosgrain ribbon are converse sneakers which is what Doctor Who wears.
 I made two lined zip-up bags today.  The one on the left will be mine, I had to add some of that ribbon around the panel of exploding tardis fabric.  The other I'm going to gift to another friend who also knits and is a Whovian.  As a bonus I finally remembered to add a little loop on the side to carry. 
As I mentioned I took Rocky with me to the store.  I've been trying to include him in outings more since Joey is gone, to help his loneliness.  He had never been to Petco before so I thought it might be fun!  I have to say it was so stinkin cute, it was almost too much!!  First off he didn't want to get out of the car into the parking lot, he knows that's a no-no.  Once I convinced him, he was a low crawler and a little shaky.  He was super nervous walking in the store, the farther back we had to go the lower to the ground he got.  
Thank goodness I found the Chuck-its that I went in for, I thought he was going to lay down completely like he does at the vet!  Once we turned around and headed for the register he was like, cool! and had his bouncy step back.  He even made a friend with a lady coming in the store.  It was so great.  Once we got home I threw the ball with the Chuck-it like twice and then he was pooped!

I feel like I'm making good progress on my socks.  This is how far I've gotten so far.  I really like how the yarn is striping.  I don't remember if I mentioned casting these on?  So, I have another pair of socks I'm also working on so I didn't think I was going to participate in the Bakery Bears Spring into Socks KAL because the socks had to be started on March 1st and the other pair I already had going.  March 1st I was sure I wasn't, March 2nd I had cast these on!  Baha, whoops!  Oh well.
So, a word about socks.  I have been knitting all my socks with US size 1.5 hiya hiya sharps.  I realllllly like the Hiya Hiya sharps.  But, my socks have been sort of too loose?  And I've had a tricky time getting a good fitting length.  So that's why I wanted to try out the two at a time so I can get same length socks.  For these new purply socks I am using US size 0 needles.  I was going to cast on my usual 64 stitches but chickened out and CO 68.  I'm just experimenting to get a good formula.

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