Saturday, March 14, 2015

sewing up stuff

 Yesterday, I had accumulated enough hours for the week at the office that I got to leave early!  What a treat!  I have had such Spring fever and being "let loose" about 3.5 hours early was perfect.  I'm so close to finishing the squares for my Rainy Day quilt, and it was overcast yesterday so I worked on that.  I only have 5 more squares!!!! So close.
I also just had to make a little dress for my knitted fox.  Had to.  So I made one dress yesterday that didn't quite fit right, this morning made one that is close to perfect.  I made a little muslin apron to go over top.  I put one button on and then took pictures.  As I was looking at the pictures I thought, why didn't I put on two blue buttons?  I don't know but I rather like just one so I'm going to keep it asymmetrical.  I really love the dress fabric, it's one I've had in my stash forever that reminds me of a Liberty London print.  Mine is vintage though, which is why I've hesitated to use it.

I've said all along since I started making dolls that they have a personality that makes itself known as you make them.  This little fox is the perfect example of that because it started out as a boy but for some reason I was having trouble making the little sweater that came in the pattern.  And now I know why, the fox is a girl.  Named Fernie Foxtail, and now she feels complete.  I may add a bow yet.  Hmmmm.

It's another gloomy overcast day.....which sort of suits me today.  I think later I'll go to the movies and see the new Cinderella :) and not feel guilty about it like I might on a sunny afternoon.  

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