Saturday, March 21, 2015

fabric gorge

We all know how it goes when we got to a certain store and set a budget in our minds....could be "I'm just going in for milk" or just this one little thing.  And then we leave with triple what we meant to buy!  That's what happened to me today!  The quilt fabric store in Merrill has one sale a year (one!) and it's today.  Everything in the store is on sale.  With my current WIP in mind, the Rainy Day quilt, I went in the store looking for backing fabric.  I did my preliminary lap around the store.  Then went into the room with the 60% off fabrics.  Ran into my friend Connie and chatted a bit.  Then it happened.  I just started grabbing bolts, 1 yard of this, 3 of that, 5 yards of that please.....and I ended up with this stack below.
 It may not look like much but it's super fun!  And I last minute grabbed this Mollie Makes book because I've been stalking Jo-ann's, hoping they'd get it in for it for over a year!  Aaaaaand since I spent over a certain amount I got to spin their prize wheel and won 5 spools of Gutterman thread.  Yahoo!
Right now I'm thinking the pink at the bottom of the stack will be the backing for the rainy day quilt.  I bought 5 yards of that so it should be enough.  

In other news, remember the accident I was in at the beginning of February? Well I finally heard from the other guy's insurance yesterday and they are going to accept liability!  What a relief.  I knew God would look out for me though, and He has.

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