Sunday, September 28, 2014

knitting for sanity

I think this may have been the longest week in the world!  Besides just the regular days I had to work yesterday morning.  It's only a half day but after the bang up week it was too much!  So, how to unwind after a bonkers week?  Knit!  I had just planned to pop into my LYS to grab a bit of yarn to finish up this square and the ladies I like most to knit and visit with were there so I decided to stay and finish the square with them :)
I have to say I really like the way it turned out.  This yarn is gorgeous!  It's madelinetosh  tosh merino light and I held the yarn double to get it to be closer to a worsted which is what I think the other squares are closer to.  This square is destined for the UK.  It will join a bunch of others to make a blanket to cheer a guy going through a difficult medical treatment.

So I finished that and there was still time to knit so lucky I had brought this other project.  This project was giving me trouble.  First I wound the ball myself from hanks of yarn and it is horrid.  So I stuffed it into that mesh thing to keep from coming all apart.  I'm debating buying a ball winder.  But!  It works so don't really need one.  

So, I had actually started this sock at the beginning of September.  The yarn is a colorway called Albus Dumbledore and it's beautiful.  And I have a copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine that has a pattern for Dumbledore warm socks in it.  I had originally thought it would be perfect to knit that pattern with that yarn since they were both Dumbledore.  But!  I felt the pattern to be sort of tedious.  And I think it's just me.  If I had maybe given it more of a go it could have worked out but I was starting to avoid it.  I cast on a different project just to do something different.  I realized yesterday I was being ridiculous.  So I ripped back to before the stitch pattern and started the Hermione Everyday stitch pattern, which incidentally I had just modified for the square above!  And I've gotten like 2 inches since last night!  hurrah!

It's becoming very much Fall here so I am wanting to have more warm woolly socks to wear.  I did wear my plum medley socks this week.  They were delightful :)  one is a tad longer but no biggie.

P.S. my coffee pot is on the fritz and I think I have to finally give in and buy a new one....ugggg.  It took an hour today to coax out one cup!!!!  Tragedy.  A nice cuppa coffee is such a joy to me in the morning so I must remedy this situation STAT!

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