Sunday, September 14, 2014


Mom and I have been vacationing at the beach for a long weekend at Ft Bragg, CA.  I drove down to pick her up and we then drove over from Chico.  I don't know the exact temp in Chico, but it felt so nice to descend into the coast region and feel the heat dissipate!   Mom said it felt "delicious".  Friday we drove into Mendocino which is a tiny little town overlooking the ocean.  The buildings in the downtown area are very old, it's super touristy.  We popped into the yarn shop so I could drool all over their selection of cashmere!  The lady who helped me was super friendly and encouraged us to go to the Sheep and Fiber festival that was going on this weekend.  

Saturday we had planned to go to a flea market in Mendocino and then be beach bums.  We drove over to the flea market and were sorely disappointed!  There were like 4 people with stuff to sell and nothing we were interested in.  I think Mom and I were feeling like it was very anticlimactic and "what now" so on a whim we decided to drive to the Fiber Festival and check it out.  It was roughly an hour away in Boonville.  

The fibers and yarn were all beautiful and wonderful!  We also got to see a sheep get sheared and watch a wool demonstration.  Buuuuut, it also felt a little anticlimactic.  And it was super hot there!  I did, however, buy some beautiful, sparkly, sock yarn :)  

So, today we were not messing around - we went to an easy access clean beach and parked it.  I knit, she read, we took turns dozing.  It was perfect.

I'm working on this cowl using the Honey Cowl pattern.  It's an easy knit and the yarn is fab!  My LYS started stocking madelinetosh so I grabbed a skein of madelinetosh tosh DK.  I can't even explain how wonderful this yarn is to knit with.  And it's making a nice, squishy fabric - I just love it!  And the color, so nice and tonal.

And this little guy was our birdy buddy.  He had a little bit of a limp so I threw him a peanut but he didn't eat it.  I think he was hoping for fish?  

p.s. I did take quite a few pictures of Mom and I.  Let's just say they didn't turn out.....erm, uh, we uh turned out fuzzy?  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!  It wasn't because we looked super scary or grody or anything like that - just fuzzy.  We did get a good chuckle looking at them though.

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