Sunday, January 5, 2014

makin shirts

First off, can I please just tell you that blogging from my couch is just wonderful.  Perfect.

  Now, I don't remember if I've talked about this pattern here before or not, I think I have.  But, my memory right now is a little shoddy, so humor me because I'm going to discuss it again *grin*!  I like to read other blogs, especially about sewing, knitting and quilting.  There has been in the last year or so this one pattern that started popping up like everywhere, the Tova top.  I really like it but I am a little "bustier" than the pattern allows and it's a little spendy for me.  I think when I first looked at it there wasn't a PDF.   So, I looked at Joann's for an alternative and found a couple that were sort of close, but you know how once you see something you really like then that's the only thing that will do?  uh huh.  Then came this top here:
Again, reading a blog there was a mention of making an Esme top in flannel.  I hadn't heard that name yet so I clicked the link and knew I wanted to make this top!  But, again, for me a little spendy.  $15 for a PDF is out of my range, especially since I don't have a printer at home - ha!  I was at Joann's one day looking at their quilt pattern section which also has bags and aprons and that sort of thing.  I recognized the brand, Sew Liberated, and looked for the Esme top.  No luck.  But I did find if over in Medford and also had a 50% coupon! Yes!  

I made the first one in a bright floral flannel that I had in my stash.  I did make the sleeves as shown above.  But, I hate that cuff!  I don't have thin arms so it's a little binding right in the crease.  So, on the next one I made I took a sleeve from another shirt pattern I have and it was a little closer to what I wanted but kinda also a little weird.  It's blousy and then gathers into a cuff mid forearm.  Uggggggg.  But I still wear the heck out of both of them because otherwise they are super comfy.

Enter shirt attempt #3.  My Mom gave me this fabric that I adore!  It's actually a sheet, not vintage, but really pretty and soft!  Originally I was thinking quilt back but changed my mind.  I again altered the sleeve with one from another pattern, this one fits perfectly!  I made it wide and then tapered it down after trying it on and cut off the excess.

Picking buttons is so fun!  I have this great tin my Mom gave me that she had since I was little and I would spend hours sifting through all the buttons in there.  I really wanted the orange buttons in the picture below but I only have 3 of them so they didn't work.

 Here is the finished top, with the flower buttons.  I really like how it turned out.  I will be a walking flower garden :)  If you ever make this pattern, be aware of the seam allowance!  I am so used to 1/4 inch with quilting and this calls for 5/8" which is quite generous!  But, if you don't use that much it doesn't quite come together the same.
It's a beautiful Sunday here, super cold but also sunny.  

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