Monday, January 20, 2014


I started a new crochet project!  I haven't crocheted in quite awhile so thought I'd give it a go.  I signed up for a swap on swap-bot thinking that would give me just the push I'd need to stick with the project.  Tee hee, silly me.  Then I forgot about said swap until this past week and had a slight panic that I'd past the deadline altogether...but I'm good I've got till like next week.

I thought I'd make an amigurumi fox because they are so cute!  But, read the profile of the lady I'm to send the finished project to and realized she likes another animal better so switched to that.  I have a v.good book that is v.v. easy to follow and has been invaluable for amigurumis.  It's been my go-to book.

I have to laugh at the picture above because I had set up the book with my project and the little pouch all cute and posed for taking a picture.  Then turned my back and Rocky had his schnozzle in the view!  Baha.  Oh well, this is definitely true to life. Grin.

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