Thursday, March 7, 2013


And so I have knit a dinosaur!  My pics are all super blurry because I took them last night and I was either too close or it was too dark, idk.  So.  My friend Charese had asked me to knit it because her *kind of* grandson came to visit and was sleeping with a hard plastic dinosaur that the kid's mom had sent with him.  I figure he must really love that dinosaur to sleep with it!  I found a pattern on Ravelry and knitted the body and scales at the knitting retreat.  100_3298[1]Here's his funny little face.  The pattern just had button eyes, I think, but I really like to use the safety eyes.  I think it gives them a little more personality.  And the nose is two french knots.  I debated about the mouth and in the end I'm glad I gave him a smile. I propped him up on the candle trying to get a better view of his face and you can also see his little toes that I sewed on with yarn.  100_3302[1]Here's the other side view.  You can see a bit of white on the neck there where my stitches were a little too wide or "laddered".  The whole dino was knit in the round so it's kind of easy to ladder stitches.  Even the scales were knit in the round, which on the little ones was tricky keeping the yarn on the needles.  I think it turned out well though.100_3304[1]
I gave it to Charese today and she loves it!  Next time the little boy visits he will get a fun treat! 

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