Sunday, March 3, 2013

starry runner

Yesterday I finished up a runner that I started awhile ago.  This finish kind of crept up on me!  I've been working on it a little here a little there and then yesterday afternoon I was done!  So then I was like what else do I have to do except quilt it?  So then I switched to the darning foot and before you know it it was donezo!  This is for my friend Kristin.  I had made her some hot pads awhile back and I thought a runner might be nice to match.  Her house is kind of tuscan colors and I thought stars would be fun. runner for Kristin I just made up the pattern. I knew I wanted a big star on one side and then little ones on the other. Then I thought it would be fun to alternate which side the big star is on. The cream backround polka dot print is the one that Kristin originally started with for the hot pads and then I've just kept adding on to it. I really like the way this turned out and I hope she does too! The only little bugger was the thread. I think it kept getting caught on my darning foot or something because every once in awhile it would be kind of snaggy. But, not too big of a deal I think. Here's a little close up: runner close up
I'm almost finished with the dinosaur I'm knitting.  I have two more legs to go so I might finish it up today.

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