Tuesday, March 12, 2013

discovering Gene Kelly

Did I mention that a couple of weeks ago I watched Singin' in the Rain for the first time?  I LOVED it!  Adored it.  I realized that I had mixed up Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly in my mind so really I had never seen Gene Kelly dance or sing before.  I kept waiting for a guy looking like Fred Astaire to come on the screen and when he didn't I checked the cover of the DVD and realized my mistake.  I could watch him sing and dance forever.  What a joy!  And, almost every day the Good Morning song gets stuck in my head.  If I could really belt out songs I would and at home by myself I tried it out but, um, I'm not a belter :)  I had borrowed the DVD from the library and it was a  2 disc set that had a bunch of bonus features so it was cool to watch interviews and choreographers discuss the greatness of the musical.  And the easy-breeziness of it, love.  It's so true that shows are just not made like that anymore. 

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