Sunday, December 30, 2012

knitting and quilting gifts

Okay, before Christmas gift making was null and void for me.  After Christmas?  It's on!  LOL  not sure why that ended up that way but it has.  So, first up is an ear warmer that I made for Sherry, we have been in bible study together and used to work together.  At the last study before Christmas Joey was wearing this pretty white ear warmer and Sherry said she would love to have one and so I found a pattern on ravelry, well, more a combo of this and this pattern.  I totally did not get the increases at first, yikes.  Still not sure that I got it but it looks okay so I guess that's what matters.  You can't tell really from this picture and the yarn I used but it is a knit-purl rib pattern all across.100_3274[1]
I've already finished another one for Charese except for the flower.  I need to make that tonight.  I like to knit or crochet at night while watching tv so that my hands are busy and I'm not tempted to snack!  Hers is black yarn that has a thin piece of shiny thread woven throughout and I found a pretty red rose button to go in the center of the flower.  Oh man I literally spent like an hour in Joann's today picking out buttons! 
And, here's the runner I made for Jan for Christmas. She said she loved it!  She decorates her house in "who-ville" colors and theme so I wanted something sort of traditional but not entirely.Christmas runner for Jan Here's a close up of my two favorite little "trees": 100_3270[1]100_3271[1] The top fabric with the little birds was a fat quarter that I got at the coast in September with my Mom. I just love that fabric, so fun!  I really had to hurry through the quilting because I started it on Sunday morning and I needed to give it to her on Monday - Christmas eve!  Talk about putting it till the last minute! 

Today I finally made some persimmon cookies!  This is awful but I took some persimmons from a lady at work and 2 of them went bad while waiting for me to get on with making them!  Luckily they need to be really ripe for my recipe.  They turned out delicious! 
Yesterday I got my nails done, not something I normally do, but I had some Christmas money just burning a hole in my pocket!  I'm trying out shellac which is just like regular nail polish except you put it under these lights and it turns super hard!  They are just beautiful, really shiny like freshly polished nails except they don't chip or smudge or anything at all!
P.S. I almost forgot ~ I went to church today and actually sang out loud even though I'm sick and prolly sounded pretty retched!  My Mom will understand why this is important!  I'm making progress :)

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