Saturday, December 22, 2012


Oh man it's almost Christmas! I was telling a coworker the other day that for whatever reason it sneaks up on me every year! Every.year. I know it's coming. I decorate my house. But I don't do anything else really. I just made cards this morning. So, um, yeah they will be very late. This time of year, especially December, is a very reflective time for me. It's my birthday, Christmas, and anniversary month! I sort of retreat for a bit. And then it's New Year's, when it's acceptable to be reflective of the past year and make resolutions. I usually just start about a month early. During this time I think about the resolutions I made last year and where I've made it or fallen short. I don't think I've done too poorly this year in the resolution dept but there are many things I'd like to work on! I need to be a better steward with money and saving and paying things off. I would also like to work on making more traditions. I need to continue losing weight (down 14.8lbs!). I did way better last year with praying and I'd like to continue that and also work on being more consistent with praying for others. I need to read more books! Last year I read an average of 1 a month. It looks like it is definitely going to be a white Christmas!

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