Sunday, December 23, 2012

and so

Yesterday this was the view in the back yard. We had even more snow over night and today. 100_3266[1] Yesterday I went out just for a bit to the store and the library. Right before I left the mailman had given me my mail. Turning onto my street last night at almost 6pm there was a van sort of close to my house with it's flashers on and I thought it strange. It drove away before I actually got onto my street and when I got up to my house I could see a little parcel on my porch! I wasn't expecting anything, I thought. Look what it was! 100_3265[1] I knew I had ordered it but didn't think I'd get it until well after Christmas! Yahoooooooo! I've done the scripture memory before with the siestas at Beth Moore's blog and I saw this post where she announced that they are doing it again this year.  And there's a fun spiral notebook that she is selling to go along with it.  If you're like me you need all the fun incentives you can get to get me excited and looking forward to memorizing scripture!  It's a cute little spiral, which I didn't think to get a picture of (!).

Today I finished up a table runner for a friend as a gift for Christmas.  Um, sort of last minute!  I've been meaning to get to it since like last year but couldn't quite wrap my head around my idea.  I finally decided to just get to it already.  It still didn't turn out how I had pictured but I do like it.  I'll show pics after I give it.

I came to a funny realization about myself the other day.  I don't know if I'll be able to explain it properly.  I've realized that there are certain books that I just HAVE to have on my bookshelf.  And if it's not there I feel quite panicky about it.  The other day I just wanted to read a certain part of a certain book and I don't have the book!  I did borrow it from the library just to read that part but now I know I have to buy the book.  Like I have the Harry Potter series and will never get rid of it, and the Twilight series and now I have to get the Hunger Games.  Jane Eyre is one.  There's a book that I don't know the title of that I had when I was growing up and I don't even really remember much about it except that the main character's best friend could knit a sweater in a few days.  That book I would read over and over because I just loved the friendship and that the friend could knit like that.  What a curious thing.  Anyhow I've realized that if something strikes me a certain way I'll just have to hold onto it.

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