Sunday, December 2, 2012

old and new

Last night the boys and I were chilling out on the couch watching movies.  I was curled up under the first quilt I made, and I realized that it's the one I always grab when I want to be cozy.  It's backed with flannel so that probably really helps. 100_3262[1] But I was also realizing that I had picked this quilt apart, literally and then after it was finished finding the mistakes I had made. But now, hmmmm 3 years later (?) it's my favorite to snuggle under and I don't even notice the mistakes really. When I did seam rip it apart I really did need to because the squares were all unevenly sized and nothing lined up at all. And, even though I really do love bright, bold colors, and white....I really do love this color combo too. Anyways, no point there just appreciating the old. Which brings me to the new. I made this Christmasy tomte yesterday so I can take it to work. I really wanted something to add some Christmas cheer to my desk and I think this will do nicely.   What do you think?100_3261[1]
I added some tiny poms down the front like buttons and I really like the effect!  As you can kind of see I've put out my Christmas decorations at home.  I'm so glad I did.  Changing out the decorations also forces me to dust!  lol, not my fav.  I'm not putting up a tree again this year though because I'm pretty sure George (my cat) will climb it and ruin it and scare herself to death in the process! 

Oh, hey I have some news!  Last Wednesday was the first night of our new bible study!  Sherry put it together and we're doing the James study by Beth Moore.  It's 3 of us from our old study and 4 new ladies, a nice mix.  I think you already can guess how happy I was to get back into a study!  Love. it.

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