Saturday, December 15, 2012

let it snow

Could it be a white Christmas this year? I don't know if it will stick around, but here's the view for today: 100_3263[1] I've been doing a little re-organizing this snowy day. Last weekend I got to visit my Mom for my birthday which was awesome! As always, I come home with some cool stuff. She sent me home with some plastic tubs for storage so that I could rearrange and put things out of my way, like summer clothes, seasonal decor and fabric. I've got most of my summer clothes and shoes packed away for next year, I haven't even gotten to the craft house yet. I also scored a cute little table that I plan on painting white when the weather gets a little better! I'm going to put it to use first though :) And you know how it is, once you start cleaning one area then you find like 10 others! I didn't get any picts of all the fabric, but trust me, there was a ton! It's in the wash so that it will be ready for use.

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