Friday, September 2, 2011

Do you ever feel like you were in the middle of a conversation and you knew what you were saying and then all of a sudden lost track of the point? I feel like that lately. I feel like I've been blogging about random stuff and I don't have a point. Like, I'll start to blog about the quilt I'm working on, but literally I've been working on this quilt for-ever so I feel a little pointless. Like it should be done already and I should have something new to talk about. But, I don't. Last night I was feeling particularly like I should really light a fire and finish it already! then got side-tracked! This morning I was up before 8 (on a day off!) and was stippling along and thought I might finish by noon. then got hungry....and started watching a show....then chatted on the phone with the hubs for back to stippling and the bobbin thread ran out. I took that as I sign to go shopping :) Maybe, just maybe, I'll finish it this weekend.
I got some fun mail last night! I signed up to do a swap on swap-bot, which frankly I was little reluctant to do since the last few have been stinkers! This one redeemed those, fo sho. Check out the loot:
swap received
Now I need to get busy and gather some goodies for my recipient! I've been mulling over what I might want to send because I don't want to just pick random stuff, you know?
In other news, tomorrow night I am going to see The Band Perry! Funny story. I've known they would be in Lakeview for like 3 months. Been counting down for this. But, didn't buy tickets. Why? well, you know other stuff going on, visit to Mom that I wanted to save money for. I mean, the shopping choices there are so much better! Anyways, this past week I went online to buy a ticket and they were sold out - online. Here's the tricky part, you could buy one in person, in cash, in town. But, I live like 2.5 hours away! Bah! I was scheming, thinking maybe I'd drive over today to buy one, but then I'd have to drive over again thanks. Vikkie's MIL lives over there so she asked her to buy a ticket for me. Then, got an email from Brooke's sister Liz who lives over there and had an extra ticket! Got an email from Vikkie that her MIL didn't get the tex that I didn't need her to buy one and she already did. Funny how these things happen, huh? Holy cow.
So, is anyone else starting to think about Christmas??? I really shouldn't be, but am. It was like 37 degrees in the morning this week, cold weather! Which then made me think I should start thinking about making some Christmas gifts. Not that I actually have. Just thinkin.

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