Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Band Perry

So the concert was last night and it was amazing! I went see The Band Perry in Lakeview.  I met Brooke's sister Liz and her friend Kim over there and the seats were great!  I knew some of the songs from the radio but with a live show sometimes you never know what you're going to get.  I have to say that they made one of my top 10 live performances!  SO GOOD.  Great, great energy.  You could tell that they wrote most of their own songs, they had such an authenticity and connection with them, the lyrics are witty.  And, whooeee the lead singer, Kimberly has such a ginormous voice! 
She's a little lady with a whole lotta personality, as she said herself she's the "spitfire in this punch".  All of the musicians were spot on, very lively and a nice fast pace.  The two brothers of the band were great also, they did a medley at one point where they all had a chance to shine. 
They also sang Amazing Grace and it was beautiful.  So afterwards there was a little meet and greet thing, if you wanted you could have your picture taken with the band and if you had bought any of their merchandise they would sign it.  I had planned to buy their cd because I liked the concert so much, and then thought, what the who?  I'll stay and get my picture and autograph.  I mean, really, I drove 2+ hours to see them, why not wait an extra hour and meet them? 
They were super nice and polite and of course I couldn't think of one cool thing to say, not that they'd remember anyway what with meeting so many people.  I got home about one, it was a long day, but definitely worth it! 

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