Friday, September 23, 2011

green Friday

I've started the weekend pretty well, I think.  I woke up super early for me - like 7am!  no alarm.  I made a wreath for my friend Jan.
Oregon Ducks wreath
I really like the way the "O" on this one turned out. I let her pick which one she'd rather have, this one or the first one and she said it was tough to decide because she liked both for different reasons but ended up picking this one. I think I might take the "O" off the first wreath and make another one like this one. Need to buy more poms.
While walking out to the craft house I noticed some pears on the ground near the pear tree out back. I figure that must mean they are ripe? They don't feel soft yet so not too sure. I was looking up pear recipes in my Ball canning blue book to see if I might can some up?
After cleaning the office I met Jan and Charese the fairy princess for lunch. We checked out a new restaurant that just opened that is an Indian restaurant. It was sort of funny because I am a very picky eater, but I am keen to try new things. Charese had told Jan she was worried about going there because she thought I wouldn't be able to find anything! The thing that as long as there is a veg dish without a white sauce I can usually find something and be happy. I can report that the restaurant was delicious. Service a little slow but I'm sure that was because it was PACKED and they are very new. I'm happy for the owners that it seems to be very popular!
After that I drove over to one of the retirement homes where there was a blood drive happening and gave blood. Not my favorite thing to do but I am happy that it can help people. Apparently this year they are pretty low on donations so I felt even better about not wussing out :)
What's everyone else up to this weekend??? Anything fun and exciting?

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