Friday, August 26, 2011

catch up

I know, I've been absent a bit here.  I've had a bit of a funk.  A melancholy mood, if you will.  No big whoop, it just happens sometimes.  I can't say that I'm completely done with yet, either.....but at least I've gotten back to a couple of projects. 
So, let's see, was it last weekend that I went to a scrapbooking thing?  I think it was, it was the 20th.  But I didn't scrapbook!  I took along a project instead.  Because I still want to chat with the ladybirds but didn't feel like scrapbooking.  I saw on another blog where she took some fabric and covered some clothespins.  While I was visiting my Mom I snapped up some clothespins at one of the yard sales we visited on the cheap.
 I measured the width of the pins and then rotary cut my fabric, it really didn't take too long at all.  They're the dash right after the 1/2 inch.  So, I used all scraps from my scrap basket, some vintage sheets, some just regular fabric.  Then, modpodged the pins and stuck the fabric to it.  I didn't do a sealing layer yet because the one that I did do I didn't love because the modpodge I have is matte and it's kinda rough feeling. 
Today I finally finished the back of the vintage sheet quilt I've been working on.  It just hasn't looked right.  I finished it and then I looked at it from a different angle and realized I liked that better except the sides were not long enough.  So, after some seam ripping and re-sewing I think it's done!  Now I can make a quilt sandwich :) 
In other news, I finished up a book last night, the 2nd in a series by Rick Riordan called The Throne of Fire.  I really liked it, v. entertaining and a quick read.  As with all of his books it's a great story, there are some laughs and I am looking forward to the next book in the series! 
I also finished a Beth Moore book, called Get out of that Pit, that I have been reading for-ever.  It hasn't taken a long time because it's not good, just a lot to sink in.  I think I am going to read it again from the beginning. 
Let's see, what else is new?  I can't believe summer is almost over!  It's gone by so quickly!!!  Tomorrow I am going to go rafting, so that should be fun.  I haven't been swimming or in any type of water (besides a shower) all summer!  Last year at this time, Mom and I were in Florida and swimming every single day.  Oh, yeah!  I found a new yarn store last night!!!  I saw a sign last week driving down the road, but couldn't see a store front.  Last night I was driving down the same road, and as luck would have it no one was in back of me so I could cruise by veerrrry slowly and I found it!  It was closed but the door was open so I peeked in and she let me check it out.  V. pretty stuff and might be a good place for a knitting club to form.  Hmmm, the wheels in my head are turning :)

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