Sunday, August 14, 2011

another girly monster

I guess I just can't stop making monsters! :)  This is the latest one, at first she was not my favorite.  I made the body a little too small, and when you're trying to sew around already stuffed limbs that can be sort of annoying.  So, by the time I was finished with that part, I hurried through the rest.  As a result her eyes are off center and sewing up the opening was a little sloppy.  Hmphf.  So she drove around in the car with me for a couple of weeks so I could think of what to do with that.  Today, I added the flowers that look like two puffs of hair a little bit.  I saw the tutorial on Make it and Love it, which is a blog I follow.  So now she is complete!  And has found her home in my chair with the rest of the monsters :)

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