Saturday, August 13, 2011

visit with Mom and pickles

So, last weekend I went to visit my Mom, it was great!  It was nice to see her face again and catch up a little bit.  Here are some highlights:
* We shopped till we dropped!  I found so many new clothes and Mom spoiled me!
* La Comida rice
* Pink pyrex from Mom!  Love it :) 
* Nice nice weather, pretty mild temps
* Beautiful farmer's market!  delicious scones, giant blackberries, lots of cucumbers, ripe everything
* Estate sale with tons of fabric to sort through, all you could fit in a bag for $1!!! Also found 3 other pyrex bowls for a quarter each!!!
* Sitting at the creek chatting with Mom after dinner Friday, it was fun to people watch
* Visiting with Mom's friend Nelly over breakfast at the Italian Cottage which has prolly the best cottage fries ever!
* Book sale at the library that we happened upon where I got a ton of books on tape for the hubs for .25cents each!
* Guava flavored french maccaroon that was gorgeous and delicious!
* Visiting with Jeannette and Nathan over "linner"

So, I had originally taken Monday and Tuesday off from work. Monday was going to be a drive day and Tuesday if I found enough cucumbers at Farmer's Market then I would be pickling.  So, Monday ended up being a clinic day at work so I drove home Sunday night, which is what I usually end up doing anyways.  But, since the doctor was gone the rest of the week, I got to take Tuesday off to make pickles!  I have to say, it was quite an experience!!!  Next time I will try to get everything prepared ahead of time, before I start boiling the water.....I felt a little rushed and dropped a jar in the scalding water spilling it (water) everywhere!  Luckily I didn't break anything or get burned.  All in all though, I'd call it a success. 
 There are these pickles made in Chico that are called Dave's Dazzling Dills, and they are wonderful!  They are spicy, and garlicky and tangy and a little bit pungent.  I try and buy some every time I'm there.  My mission was to try and replicate the flavor.  I found this recipe by doing a google search.  Luckily my Mom has wild grapevines growing in her back yard!  I don't know where in the world I would have found those otherwise.  So, since I was in a hurry I left peppercorns out of all of the jars except the first one, whoops!  Next time I'd like to add a little mustard seed, not sure if it will add to the flavor too much, but I just like them. 
 *****if you use that recipe make sure you only use 1/2 cup of salt NOT 1 1/2 cups**************
I've tried the pickles I made, the recipe said to wait three days.  They are pretty good, not as spicy or strong as Dave's.  Other recipes say to wait 6-8 weeks to try them, so maybe after that long they get stronger. 
This weekend I've been rearranging and reorganizing the craft house.  Mom gave me a couple bookshelves and one of those plastic drawer things.  I've got everything filled already with fabric and such. 

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