Wednesday, August 3, 2011

oooooh boy

Something has been bothering me.  I'm going to apologize ahead for any vagueness or random thoughts that may not make sense.....
So I ran into a lady in the grocery store.  And, we did the whole dance of "how are you," "I'm fine" la-dee-da.  She said in such a put out way how busy she is with soft ball and baseball and rolled her eyes like oh man it's just SO much to deal with.  The thing is - she has 3 kids.  There were several things running through my head as I was taking in what she was saying and her body language.  Why exactly is she so put out by the busyness of her life - she chose to have kids, she can't exactly lock them away and not let them have activities....and frankly why not just embrace it and enjoy that she has kids to run around with and support them with her love and attention???  Ugh. 
I mean, I get it, I do.  Sometimes it's nice to just relax and not have a million things to do.  But really.  Some people are missing the point of life in general!  You have kids and a family to love, for crying out loud!  Don't act like they are getting on your last nerve by just being.  And, I realize I don't have kids that demand my attention all day and may jibber jabber on and on.  I think part of why this bothered me so darn much is that I had just read an article in a magazine about a lady who had 3 little girls who were all killed in a car accident at the same time.  It floored me.  She described the busyness in her house before and then the silence after.....can anyone even imagine?  I can't. 
Also what bothered me about our exchange is that this is someone who a few years ago I wanted as a friend.  She goes to church, she has a nice family, does bible studies, makes jam, yadda yadda.  We have things in common that I thought would be nice to share with a friend.   But, we just never clicked in that way that people do when you just get each other.  And really, it's better.  The friends I have are so dear to me.  They get me.  Even when they don't really get me.

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mainer said...

Good thoughts. There are a lot of people who would love to trade places with that woman.