Friday, July 29, 2011

girly monster

Um, so okay I guess I really like to make monsters!  I've got another one in the works even right now!  Hee, heee!  So, after I gave Brayden his green monster, Sherry's son said he'd like one for his new baby girl.  I think he was kind of joking, and totally didn't expect me to take him up on it but I did!  This one has super duper long arms, so you can tie them in a knot around her and she gives herself a hug :)  The eyelids sort of gave me fits, and really is not my best stitching ever and I almost didn't gift it because of that but  then I thought - eh. 

I love the pom pom trim - I picked up a bunch of orange, dark orange and olive green pom pom trim at the goodwill as is store at least a year or so ago thinking I'd use it for something.  And, so I have!
So, what's up for the weekend?  Today is a gorgeous sunny day, 83 degrees with a little breeze.  I have a scrapbook think tomorrow so I think I'll pop into the scrapbook store, which I haven't been to in for-ever. 

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