Sunday, July 3, 2011

things that go on at my house

Happy Independence Day weekend everyone!  I am just enjoying having a loooong weekend and nice weather.  Today I rode my bike to the library, and even though it was a little windy it felt nice to be out in the fresh air and sunshine!  I've been busy sewing, too.  Here is the table runner I started last weekend (?) and finished up last night.  It's on the table now and fits in well with the rest of the decor.  The white stitching really stands out in this picture but really in person it blends better.
patriotic table runner
And, here is the pillow. I was kinda worried when I was trying to stuff the pillow form into the cover, it was a tight squeeze!!! But, fit just right. I think it turned out well.
patriotic pillow stuffed
Okay, and then I was inspired by the other ladies who were in the vintage sheet quilting bee who either finished a quilt or a quilt top.  So I saw theirs in the flickr pool and then I was like, hmmmm I really need to dig my squares out and finish mine.  Which I did. Check it out:
vintage sheet flower quilt top
I'm telling you what - this thing is so cheery!  And I've been saving that pink/orange combo daisy sheet for this quilt for-evah.  It's my fav.  I wasn't sure how wide to do the outer border, I was thinking a little wider, but honestly I didn't want too big of a quilt.  All of my quilt somehow end up like twin sized.  Except the baby one.  I sort of wanted just a throw size, but eh.  So, if you were participating in the bee and don't see your square on the front, it will be on the back.
Back of quilt
I really had an abundance of squares! I received all but one of the squares back from the bee ladies, and I had made two of my own. Then, a couple ladies sent extra sheet squares back with their finished squares so I made up some more from those. Really, this thing could have turned into a monster, quick! Maybe it is a weedy garden?
Okay, what else is new besides sewing/quilting?  I finished up another book called The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel.  I loved it!  It's nonfiction, and normally I find it harder to read nonfiction.  This was really easy to read, it had tons of facts but didn't seem monotonous to read.  Basically Mr. Strobel started out as an athiest and set out to possibly discredit christianity and Jesus.  You can feel about 3/4 of the way through he starts to change his mind and attitude.  It's really great if you are searching for facts, historical backing. 
Oh, and I way overspent on a magazine.  Ugh.  The new "Stuffed" magazine.  For some reason I just HAD to have it.  But, in my defense it was on sale.  But, $12something for a mag is too much for me, in my opinion.  Really though I do love stuffed animals and things and it was a pretty pink cover and I will read the entire thing.  I was lurking around in Joann's as I tend to do.  I was thinking about buying the Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt book because there is a quilt a long going on and I thought maybe it would be fun to join.  Sort of.  Then I started to think maybe I just wanted to do it because some other bloggers I admire are doing it and not because I really want to.  Does that ever happen to any of you???  And I didn't really want to pony up $27.99 for the book, so naturally then I overspent on a magazine.  Ugh.
I'll leave you with this.  And I apologize in advance if this grosses any of you out.  Sorry.  The other night I came home and George was not in the front yard as she usually is.  I opened the back door and she came running up, with something hanging by her mouth area.  I thought it could be a spider web with leaves stuck in it or something like that.  Nope.  It was a bird leg!  I assume that she killed a bird, although I didn't go searching for a carcass.  She was incredibly proud of herself and very protective of her grody leg.  So there you go, things that go on at my house! LOL
grody bird leg

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YUCK!!! Animals and kids do such crazy things sometimes!