Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am officially stuck on what to do with the back of the vintage sheet garden quilt.  I'm at the stage that I just stare at it for awhile and do something else, then come back again and stare some more.  Usually this stage lasts a day or so and then I sleep on it and when I wake up it comes together.  Not this one..........we're going on at least 2 weeks!!!  It's just not looking right.  Today I turned the squares on point and that was better, but then laziness set in when I realized I'd have to do some triangles to create a straight line and then I didn't like it so much anymore.  Anywhoozle, just thought I'd let you know why there is a lack of finished pics. 
I did, however, make some new stuff this weekend.  Fun stuff.  I think stuffies could be my favorite thing ever.  I'm risking sound like a total kook here, but the whole time I'm making them I'm just giggling.  I sketch it out and they look fun and cute, then once I get the fabric together I start thinking of a little story in my head to go with them.  Then once the faces are sewn on they really have their personality and I just love it!  Finishing is a pure joy :)  Alas, no pics yet because one of them is a gift!  Sorry, that wasn't a nice teaser, was it?  Eh.

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