Sunday, June 27, 2010

Who's afraid of the big, bad WONK?

All, right then, that would be ME! I have to admit that wonky = scary to me. So, for the vintage sheet quilting bee Evelyn chose wonky log cabin as her square of choice for June. I was kind of worried. I have trouble not doing straight lines. But, I think it turned out okay??? On the righthand side where the mustard-y roses are I had a thick piece of pink and I wish I hadn't cropped the pink and added the mustard, but it's done now. I think this type square is tricky to even out the colors with vintage sheets. Finished size is pretty close to 14X14 inches. So, my Mom came up to visit this weekend, and can I just say - SCORE! My Mom is the original junker and she has been keeping a lookout for sheets for me, and good thing! It's slim pickins up here sometimes, so it's fun to see what she finds for me. There are two flats of the far right top row sheet, and two flats of the blue/green multi flowers. I think I am going to save at least one flat of each of those for quilt backs. The peachy daisy print has a flat and a fitted, so I might save the flat of that one for back as well.
She also brought me some other fun goodies, as she always does :) I love this towel, after it's washed I'm so putting it in the kitchen, it makes me smile! And, this Vera tulip-y linen is like a runner, so it may end up on my table at some time. The colors are super brilliant, and it still has its tag on it.
And, what weekend with my Mom would be comlete without going to yard sales and the thrift??? She has only been up here once before and we didn't go to any sales then so I could tell she was just itching to check out what's here. I found some fun stuff and she found some stuff to re-sell. These are pretty much all pillowcases, except the lime strawberry fabric.

It was great to spend time with her and catch up. She loved seeing the craft house, and my stash of linens. All in all I'd have to say it was a good weekend :)

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roseylittlethings said...

wow you scored!!! haven't had much luck my self lately!