Wednesday, June 16, 2010

holy catching up batman!

I feel like I have been "radio silent" for a little while, guess I didn't really feel like I had anything to say? Not that I've thought of anything profound, trust me - but thought maybe I'd stop neglecting my little blog. So, what's new?

Last week Thursday my "sister" Jeannette, her husband Nate, and kids came to visit just over night. It was great. Jeannette and I have been friends since I was in 3rd grade, so by now in our 30-somethings it feels more like we're sisters. I was seriously cracking up at her kids, they are pretty much hilarious! I don't have kids so the things that might be mundane kid stuff to parents are frickin hilarious to me! Like their fascination with monkey bars, my couch, the penguin game, pop tarts and pretty much everything.

This weekend is the baby shower I'm giving for Kristin. I just hope that it's not a flop. I will post pictures as long as it actually looks cute and not cuckoo! I'll just say that it's going to be very colorful! I am baking cookies for it that I seriously can't wait to try! Friday is baking day this week, cupcakes and cookies. mmmmm, delish.

So who else is going to see Eclipse opening weekend??? Jan bought tickets today for a group of us, I can't wait! There is a midnight showing her the night it opens, but not only is it already sold out but I have to work the next day so we're going that Saturday after it opens.

Okay, so confession time: I gained 4lbs!!!!! Gasp. Shocking, I know. I didn't make it to spin or the gym at all last week and dang have I been diggin on the sodium! I'm back on track now, though (the shower is exempt I've decided) so it's all good. I've realized that where I am now weight-wise is where I was like ummm 5 years ago and realized I had a problem and started going to Weight Watchers. Then, my Grandpa passed away and I'm a comfort got stressful, yada, yada, yada gained 35 lbs....oops! So, what I lost was just really the extra, extra junk in the trunk. Now, the real challenge begins I think. I'm up for it though, because one of the things on my bucket list is to be comfortable in my own skin! I just did a very interesting swap bot swap that was an email swap of 15 things from our bucket lists. A little early to think of it, I know. But, really having to think of the things that I want to do that could be tangible was kind of a renewal of my resolve. In honor of that I went to spin last night and tonight even though pretty much I would have rathered to go home and watch Lost.

Okay, confession #2: I am a little bit addicted to the show Lost. Perfect timing since it just ended, right? Hee, hee. My friend Savannah has the first 4 seasons on DVD so I've been watching them all consecutively. I've decided that's really the only way to watch a series. Who wants commercials and a whole week in between shows?? Oh, yeah and since I don't have cable it's kind of the only way I watch shows :)

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roseylittlethings said...

netflix>>>> that is how we watch series, we start with season one and work our way through! Sorry about the gain, but sounds like you are back on track!!! keep at it:)