Sunday, June 20, 2010

shower decorations

Yesterday was the baby shower for Kristin, here are a few of the pics of the decorations: Very simple banner that I used my trusty Cricut to cut out, the just used a hole punch to punch two holes, strung together and voila. So easy. I didn't want to do just plain crepe paper, so I made these tissue paper flowers and Sherry and Nikki who helped me set up strung them onto yarn. Again, very easy but I think prettier than plain crepe paper.

tissue flower banner
So, basically it was the windiest day of the year yesterday so there are no tablecloths for that reason! I had originally planned to have each table be a different color, but no such luck, there was not a tape sticky enough! So, here's the food table, I apparently planned for a million people and made enough cupcakes to accomodate, heee heee :) Everything turned out really cute. I made Monster Cookies for the party favors, and let me tell ya - holy cow! They are full of chocolate! Mine came out pretty dark, I didn't use parchment paper but I don't see how that could have made them lighter? I think all that matters is that they are tasty, right?

Close up of the cupcakes. They were chocolate with rainbow chip frosting that I added blue food coloring to. I made the cupcake toppers, again with the cricut with the "new arrival" cartridge that Stacey let me borrow. Close up of the napkin rings. This was taken after the party so you can see what they look like. The turned out really cute. Really, really simple and only took a few minutes to wrap the napkins.

And here were the table toppers. The topiaries kept falling over because of the wind, it was kind of a bummer, but - had to just let it go! Found the idea here, not sure how I came across it. She made her topiaries with quick setting cement, which would have been tres helpful in the wind, but oh well.

topiary centerpiece All in all I think everything turned out fine. I hope everyone had fun, it was a great group of ladies so that always helps :)

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