Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ixnay on the oviemay

Okay, just a quick little update on the quilt, I think it's coming along nicely. If I had really pushed myself I probably could have been done with the top by this weekend, but - frankly I just didn't. It was an extra long weekend so I did a fair amount of lounging :)
new quilt
Okay, so I ixnayed the strawberry squares for the corner squares and instead did appliqued flowers. Um, the inspiration quilt had flowers on every middle square, but was just a table topper so I thought that would be just too much but I still wanted to try my hand at applique. Here's the thing: sometimes maybe following directions would be a good thing. My mom was laughing at me because she was like, you're just jumping right in without even thinking about it, not taking a class, or getting a book. Technically I do have one book, it's not very in depth, but still. The thing is, it doesn't really occur to me until much later that maybe it would have been best to consult a book or some directions. What does this have to do with applique? I sort of winged my squares and whilst I don't think they are terrible I do think that if I had consulted a book and did the whole iron on adhesive thing maybe mine wouldn't have turned out quite so puckery. eh, oh well :)

I'm getting a little nervous about quilting it once I've made the quilt sandwich. Is it normal to get knots in my stomach and a little sweaty??? That's what happened with the first quilt and also even with the tiny kindle cover I made for Jan.

In other news, I rented the lamest movie I've seen in quite awhile "Leap Year" - I knew it might be lame and still rented it anyway. I did laugh at a few parts, mostly the Irish dudes and the way they would say things. I also rented "Valentine's Day" - um, what I have to ask is did anyone ever see "Love, Actually"? If you did then you've basically already seen "Valentine's Day" and you should save your money. Unless of course you really just want to watch Ashton Kutcher - then by all means, rent away. Sorry to be so snarky, but I really think that writers in movie world are running out of ideas. Actually, I think they ran out of ideas probably like 10 years ago. But, they still want to make movies so they change it up a tad and call it good.

Tomorrow it's back to work after, let's see, 5 days off. I don't know if I even remember how to do my job - lol, jk!

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