Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

So, if I had done this post on Monday then it would have been extremely triumphant! On Monday I had lost 3 lbs from last week :) But today when I consulted the scale I gained back 2 of those pounds. I hold onto water like nobody's business so I'm sure that's what it is, but STILL! I have mostly still just been watching what I eat and have started drinking way more water - hence the water weight. One of the ladies that I work with told me that you should take your weight in pounds and divide it by two and that number is the amount in ounces that you should drink daily of regular plain water. So, let's say you weight 100lbs - you would drink 50 oz of water a day! Not sure if that is completely true or medically safe for everyone.

I think this weekend I am going to walk to my office to see how long it will take and then possibly start walking to work. I'm not sure why but this makes me nervous. And if takes me a long time then it might not work so well since I am not an early riser!!!!


roseylittlethings said...

1 lb is great! better than I did!

Jason and Brianne Kjar said...

You sound like your doing great don't let the water wight get you down. Try measuring yourself instead of weighing if your loosing inches but still going back and forth on the scale then you know that it is water weight and you can still feel really great for loosing the inches.
good luck.