Monday, September 21, 2009


Here's a news flash, I am NOT a patient person!!!! So I started reading the new Beverly Lewis series, Seasons of Grace I think is what's it's called. The first book was really good and I read it really quick. Luckily the 2nd book was only a month away from being released and our library got it as soon as it was. I was the first one on the waiting list to borrow it, picked it up on Friday and I've already finished reading it!!!! Bah! Now, the next book doesn't come out until April 10, 2010!!!!! I should've read the book more slooooooowwwwwlllllyyyy. Hmph.

You know what will happen now, right??? I'll get the book and the first thing I will have to do is read the ending. It's what I always do, and especially when I have to wait for a book to come out. BTW, I've really enjoyed each of the books so far, I think this last one was called "The Missing". I've read almost all of the Beverly Lewis books and have liked all of them so far.

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