Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday stuff

Okay, so I have a little quilty confession. Yes, I meant "quilty". My quilt is currently stressing me out! I have to admit that I'm a little ocd about color and pattern. So, rather than put some squares together that just look pretty, I started to count how many squares I'd need, how many colors, then divided up how many of each color square I'll need. Then, I had to make a chart of how I will want the colors to go, and then the colors had to go in alphabetical order. I labeled each box - blue, brown, green, pink. Then I got out my crayons and colored in the borders of each. Frankly I think it really did help ease my stress. That was last night......then this morning I started putting together the layers and my theories just went out the window!!!! See, there are three squares that are layered and I'm doing a different color for each layer. Maybe my basic bottom square will go by the graph I made? I'm thinking for the backing I might get a pretty sheet or if I can find a nice vintage one? I also thought flannel might be cozy. It's actually going a lot faster than I was expecting, though, so that's been cool!Here's a really blurry pic of one of the squares, this is classified in my pink catagory based on the bottom square.

In any case I LOVE all the fabric my Mom gave me, and have a TON, an absolute ton left and so many that didn't even make it into this quilt b/c of my number thing. I wanted it to feel a little cohesive so I have at least 2 squares in each print. Now I will be set up to start another once this one is done! Something to look forward to!

I made these towels a week or two ago? Joann's had the Halloween fabric on clearance so I bought like a half yard I think? I just hemmed up the edges and then added the black fabric and embroidered, and some rick rack. The color in the pic is just awful, it's actually a true orange and true black in person. I definitely need to work on my embroidery!!!!
The star is inspired by one of the links on my "projects I want to make", I liked the idea and so I made up this star with some of my scrapbooking paper, glitter, and some crepe paper. Right now it is hanging in the kitchen but not sure it will stay there.
This cute little ceramic candy holder I found at the thrift store, I thought it was fun for Halloween. This year since I'm living in town I'm sure I will have trick-or-treaters so I will have to prepare!!!! Out at our other house we have never had any so hubby gets to eat all the candy :)

I had lunch today with my friend Charese at the Mermaid Cafe! It's such a fun little place, very bright, colorful interior. It was so nice to sit and chat and the spinach salad I had was absolutely wonderful! Then we each picked a cookie and split it so we could try two different kinds, chocolate chip toffee and ranger....both scrumptious! I had never heard of a ranger cookie before, but it seemed to have a ton of stuff in it! Like oatmeal, coconut, nuts, and chocolate chips. I will have to round up a recipe :)I borrowed the first 5 in the Nancy Drew series from the library, for some reason that's the mood I'm in - and this hammock will be part of my weekend plans to read and chillllll out. This is the hammock that Mom gave me while I was down visiting and I even put it together by myself! Ya!

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roseylittlethings said...

love the star, super cute! The stitching on your towels looks super cute and perfect for h-ween... don't be so hard on yourself!