Tuesday, September 29, 2009

change of seasons

Here's the shelves above the stove, not sure it will stay this way for long - I kind of move things around a lot based on my mood. The middle pumpkin is the one that I glittered. The saying will most definitely change as the sky is starting to clear of smoke. There has been a few fires in the area and so last week and through the weekend the air quality was terrible!

Here's the dealio, I keep rearranging the quilt. And so I asked for opinions from the ladies at work and based on that I have started changing again. I've also gotten great advice from Jennifer about just letting go and being a little random, boy that's tough! Last night I mixed up light and dark, and turned some of the middle layers on point. I like the diamond look so will finish turning every other middle one on point just didn't do it last night due to being ready to go to sleep :)What do you think???