Sunday, November 1, 2015

cozy days

When I was younger and the older folk would say things about how quickly time passes, I thought they were nutso.  ha.  My how age and perspective changes those thoughts!  This week flew by.  The summer flew by.  I understand phrases like "trying to stay in the moment".  But, dang, how easy it is to get caught up in the rush of the day to day.

So!  Last weekend I made the quilt top for my giant vintage sheet star quilt.  Yesterday I quilted that bad boy up!!  I did larger free motion than I usually do because I just wanted this done.  Originally I was going to do some sort of straight lines but then that sounded like I would have to use to much brain power and the meandering squiggles of stippling just felt easy.
So I'm sharing this picture because I think it's important to see the mistakes and learn from them!  I got the whole thing done, flipped it over and found this mess.  Now, it's not terrible, no.  Compared to my early quilting is is nothing.  But, I was out of spray basting and just used safety pins.  And I used a vintage sheet for the backing and those cotton/poly blends can be squirrelly! Basically I didn't pay as much attention as I could have.

But guess who cares?  NO ONE!  ha!  Cuz this is a couch quilt to (try) keep Rocky furs off the cushions.

I used another sheet for the binding, a fun hot pink.

And, here it is in use: 

Rocky's rumpus just kills me, he's so cute!  I like to tell him that I wish he could just relax sometimes.  Like, take a chill pill or something!  

Ok.  In other news and happenings this week.  I finally ordered this book and got it Thursday: 
I've been reading the author's blog for awhile now, Can you stay for dinner?, and I really like her writing.  She's super descriptive and conversational.  Basically she was very overweight growing up, alcoholic father, absent overworking mother, brother escaping, explosive at times family dynamic.  I forget what age, maybe 20, she lost 135lbs and so far has kept it off.  So, she's very honest about her family life - puts it out there.  It's also clear she loves her family.  She's just telling it like it was from her perspective and how that affected her.

 I also finally finished the July (!!!) frame for my Storytime Sampler.  Oh man I'm so behind!  This one is the Lady of Shalott.  So the only reason I even know about this poem is because in Anne of Green Gables she recites the poem and gets in a boat to float down the river to act it out.  I only made two modifications from the pattern.  One is that I gave her a somber expression instead of a smile.  The other is that after reading the poem it says she is wearing a pearl crown, so I added little french knots to look like pearls.
Also, I've been knitting away on my Duchess shawl.  I am just about to start the last eyelet section, then there is one last garter section and the border to go.  I moved it up to my longer circular needles.  This yarn is so squishy and pretty.  I think once it's blocked, it will suit the pattern better as you'll be able to see the eyelet sections more clearly.

Today is overcast and was rainy this morning so I'm being lazy and cozy.  I have a chili in the crock pot.  I soaked the beans last night thinking it sounded good and then when I woke up to rain I was like perfect!  

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