Tuesday, October 20, 2015

using the skills

Last weekend I had a bit of an adventure with my Mom.  It all started back in August at my high school reunion.  One of my good friends from school is a designer in a group called Chikoko.  I've known about the group but never been to one of their shows.  A couple weeks ago Michalyn contacted me to let me know that a show was Saturday and did I want to go?  

With life stress and all I just wasn't sure I wanted to make the drive.  But Friday, I called Mom and when I heard her voice I was like, okay I'll be there tomorrow!  Frankly, I was surprised Mom wanted to go with me, but I'm so glad she did! We had a blast!

I don't exactly know how to describe the show in a way that would do it justice.  It was cool.  Edgy, provocative, unabashed, sassy.  The models were all sizes.  They were unashamed of their bodies.  The clothes were wild!  It was like a couture show.  Some things, yes, were too wild.  But, there were also pieces that could be mixed into everyday wear.
I did not get good pictures at all, so disappointing.  But, check their website for a sampling.  There were elaborate headpieces that were so much fun.  The picture above you can see the lady in blue is wearing a ship on her head.  The lady next to her had wings.
In between each collection, there were 4, was a bit of entertainment.  In the section above the designers came out in the foil costume which lifted off by the balloons.  There was dancing, singing, performance art, circus performing.  Really so much going on!

This is a lady dressed as a badminton birdie.

There was an after party after the show.  I decided to go just until I got tired....which ended up being 3 am!  My friend Mikie, one of the designers, was dressed as a banana - an outfit she designed and made.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the whole outfit, the dress portion was like a banana peeled open.

We talked and talked for hours.  It's funny how even though we haven't been close all these years since school we're still the same basically.  The common ground - sewing, silliness - is still there.  We used to sew outfits together and we learned together and we both use our skills to this day albeit in differing ways.  

I will admit that I am NO spring chicken anymore!  I am still tired from staying up almost all night Saturday - ha!  

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Leigh Kristensen said...

What a marvellous adventure.