Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the collecting continues

I finally found the perfect desk!  Jan spotted this on the Varagesale page and tagged me so I would see it.  I thought I had missed the boat because there was one person ahead of me who had put in dibs.  But! Late Sunday night I got a message that it was still available and was I interested?!  It was $45 which I thought was a pretty good deal - and I love it!  
Best part for me is that it matches my nightstand!  How funny is that?  I've had my night stand for like 13 years at least and I brought it up from California.  So it makes me wonder if this style was a certain brand or just style or mass produced?  The bottom photo isn't great, sorry! but you can see it's the same color, same drawer pull and the lines have gold paint in them.

So, I'm one step closer to a functional spare room.  Oh! I almost forgot! I've got another terrible picture for you! hahahaha  Let's see, I bought this chest at a yard sale for like $10?  It's cheap press wood but I thought maybe by painting it white it would look better.  I also intended to recover the cushion on the top but haven't yet.  I spray painted the chest.  I did run out of paint so one corner is still wood color.  But. I wanted to see what it would look like at the end of my bed.  I was also hoping Rocky might use it like a step up to the bed.....that didn't happen.  So, it's temporary but at least it's no longer hiding behind the chair in my living room!

Again, sorry for the horrid pictures.  But, mostly I wanted to show my Mom what things look like.  Hope you all had a nice long weekend.  Mine wasssss.......okay.  I know that in this widow life some days are just sucky.  But, it was okay.  

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