Sunday, May 17, 2015

steps in the right direction

So I did it.  I worked on the spare room yesterday.  I just now thought of something Scott would always say when I'd say spare room - he'd say "the spare oom?" and I'd say yes.  I think it's from the Narnia series?  LOL!!  See what I mean?  He's always in my head!  Anyways!  I mostly just got a feel for what's actually in there.  I did clean out a TON of old magazines.  A ton.  I thumbed through every one in there to see if there was a pattern that I would actually make since they are mostly quilting or knitting mags.  The rest I dropped off at the library free table.

I do have one box (so far) that is yard sale bound.  I started to get super overwhelmed towards the end of the day.  But!  I talked to Mom this morning and she was really very encouraging.  She said pick one thing at a time, something small, and change that.  She also said get rid of the clothes I've been hanging onto for "what if".  So I'm feeling slightly better about the whole situation.  Best part is that I can see in my head what I want to happen.

I took a picture of this one page in a book that I'm cutting loose because I like the first quote there.  "respect yourself and your style by only buying things that you can't live without."  I think this needs to be my goal.  Right?  yes.

I don't have to be in to work until 1 pm tomorrow so I almost feel like I have a 3 day weekend!  I am working Saturday morning next weekend....then it's another Monday off!  Maybe I'll start to purge out in the craft house???  

oh! before I forget.  I stumbled across an app that I'm super digging!  It was recommended in my fat camp wellness class to help track as a food diary called "my fitness pal".  I found it through itunes.  It has a bar code scanning feature that automatically pulls up the food labels and serving sizes and is super easy to use!  I tracked my food today with that and I love it.  lurve it.

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