Monday, June 1, 2015


I have to say I think I had the most relaxing weekend I've had in awhile.  Not that I have so much to do every weekend but I think I do put a lot of pressure on myself for things to be a certain way.  But! not this weekend.  I did work Saturday morning which normally kind of throws off my creative mojo so to speak.  But this one I made myself sit outside in the back yard and stitch and watch the newest Bakery Bears podcast.  Have you guys gone and watched that yet?  Seriously, you need to!  It's funny, informative, super cool and I love it.

So, it was a beeeeautiful warm day.  Just enough of a breeze to be perfect.....not chilling.  Except I was chilling with Rocky and George. Ha.
Saturday night I went to a zumba event with Jan.  It was really fun and a great workout! 90 minutes of dancing in a really really warm gym!  I really needed the workout because there was pie at the office on Friday.......and, well I'm just kind of a pie-aholic.  I may have eaten a lot of it. Plus ice cream. and licorice.  That may have been my lunch.  Uggggg.  But! Before the pie debacle I am down 7lbs!!  Which is very encouraging.

Sunday was also very relaxing.  I talked to Mom in the morning.  Then I did some organizing in the spare room.  I only had one breakdown while I was going through Scott's Army awards.  Other than that I did put some things into the chest in my bedroom, freeing up a couple boxes that were in the spare room.  I threw away some old clothes!!!  Yep, I did it.  I did keep my most favorite dresses from my thin days.  Who knows?  Maybe more zumba and I will fit them again!

In the afternoon I had every intention of going to the store and grocery shopping....but this pillow happened instead!  It is food related.....
It turned out cute.  I'm not crazy about the quilting.  I have been wanting to try out  something other than stippling so I did loopty loos.  I think for now I'll stick to stippling :)

Anyhow, I better run and get ready for work!  I do love going in late on Mondays!  Have a great week!

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