Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meet Millie

Well, it happened.  My Singer sewing machine pooped out.  The light will go on but no juice from the pedal.  Luckily I am sentimental and never got rid of my old machine.  Today I realized that her name is Millie :)
100_3038[1]I was having bobbin issues and put her back in the case like 9-10 years ago and bought my Singer.  I pulled her out yesterday to just see if, by chance, she would still work.  And, she does!  Hurrah!  I realized that back in the day I knew like nothing about tension and that was mostly the problem.  This machine powers through thick seams like butter!  See that little button over on the right on the base of the machine?  Well, the feed dogs drop when you push that so if I can find parts then I'm positive that I can quilt with her! 
Yesterday was such a beautiful warm day, like 60 degrees, and I realized I need more skirts.  I dug around in my vintage sheet stash and came up with a fun flat sheet that has a descending flower pattern which I thought would be perfect for the bottom edge of a skirt.  So, here's what I did:  fold each edge in toward the middle to creat two folds on either side.  I just made a simple elastic waisted skirt which I wanted a little longer than the pattern called for, so just pulled up the pattern piece a bit. 100_3025[1] An elastic waist skirts is absolutely the easiest skirt in the world to make! And, super comfortable! Here's the finished product: vintage sheet skirt Yesterday I also made a pair of pj shorts out of another sheet. Also super easy and comfy. After I felt pretty productive clothing-wise I worked on stars for the quilt. Today, just taking it easy a la George: 100_3033[1] This week I'm hoping our nice snap of weather sticks around so I can start riding my bike to work! I've also been going to Zumba after work on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so I'm hoping to see some results on the scale!

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